Coleman Hays

Coleman Hays
Two-toned Beautiful Boar!
New Mexico

Kennedy Hunting Services

Trophy Bear

Our bear hunts are of great value. We have good numbers in all color phases. Bears harvested over the last few years have averaged over 6 1/2 ft. squared.

Our 2016 bear hunts were fantastic!! Six hunters took 6 boars squaring 6’7” to 7’4”. After an unusually tough year in 2015 looks like we are back on track as many more bears were seen including some monsters! Call for available dates.

Our bear hunts includes lodging, guides, and meals.

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Ross Welton

Ross Welton
Multi-colored, big headed
7 ft. boar. August 2014

2017 Bear Hunt
August 16 - 19 2 day minimum $400.00 per day plus $1,200.00 kill fee
Kennedy Hunting Services
For more information contact Kirk Kennedy